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Governance & Nomination // contact: rachel shapiro, rachel.s@flfpc.org View Meeting Minutes

The Governance Committee examines how the board is functioning, how board members communicate, and whether the board is fulfilling its responsibilities and living up to the objectives and aspirations set for itself and the organization. While all board members should understand the organization’s mission and goals, the governance committee must consider them with an eye on the board’s responsibility to guide the organization and what is required of the board to best accomplish that. The governance committee must be able to articulate the board’s vision and find the individuals who can execute it.

Specific committee responsibilities:

  • Find, keep, and/or remove board members.
  • Educate board members
  • Evaluate the board's performance.
Development // contact: anthony olivieri, anthony.o@flfpc.org View meeting minutes

The Development Committee exists to provide vision, guidance, planning, and activities that will assist the FLFPC Board of Directors (BOD) with maintaining the fiscal sustainability of the Florida Food Policy Council. The Development Committee must find and/or ideate revenue streams that are consistent with the FLFPC's mission and Strategic Plan. 

Specific committee responsibilities:

  • Find/Plan/Ideate new revenue streams
  • Secure revenue streams
  • Develop plans for allocation of funding consistent with FLFPC's mission and Strategic Plan. 
Events // contact: rachel shapiro, rachel.s@flfpc.org View Meeting Minutes

The Events Committee exists to create and execute events for the advancement of the FLFPC and to the benefit of our membership. The Events Committee works closely with the Regional Liaisons Committee. 

Specific committee responsibilities:

  • Plan & execute Annual Membership Meeting
  • Plan & execute other events as needed
  • Provide support to the Regional Liaisons Committee.
Regional Liaisons // contact: kyndra love, info@flfpc.org View Meeting Minutes

Given the complexity of our state's size, food system, and policies, seven regions were developed in conjunction with local voices to make our work as a state organization functional, efficient, and mindful of regional challenges. See Map Here.

Regional Liaisons are leading, supportive FLFPC members who live and work in one of the seven regions of Florida. Regional Liaisons are the first line of support to the membership in the region and the community itself on all matters including questions of membership, local policy, local planning and development, local and regional meetings and get-togethers, and general requests for information. With the support of administrative staff and the BOD, Regional Liaisons ensure coordination of FLFPC interests with other members residing in the region. 

Specific responsibilities for regional liaisons: 

  • Leading & coordinating FLFPC meetings within the region with full support from the Committee Chair, FLFPC leadership and administrative staff.

  • Monthly committee conference calls led by the Regional Liaisons Committee Chair. 
  • Conduct one membership meeting per year within the region and any number of get-togethers as are both feasible and desirable.
  • Plays an active role in the annual membership meeting and annual board meeting on behalf of their constituencies.
POLICY // Contact: Dell Dechant, dell.d@flfpc.org

The Policy Committee of the Florida Food Policy Council develops and offers resources (typically recommendations and specific policy language) to better address opportunities and barriers in the food system. Resources are available to all citizens, organizations, and governmental entities, and may be of particular value to counties and municipalities. The Committee functions to identify ways to establish mutually supportive policies that address food system issues in a fair, consistent, and sustainable manner, as well as acts as a policy “think tank," using research and experience to consolidate and recommend best practices, and to facilitate balanced discussions on policy issues among stakeholders. The Committee may develop benchmarks to evaluate food policy impacts and produce reports on the health of the food system that can be translated into a common lexicon beneficial in policy discussions amongst multiple users.

The key focus areas of the Policy Committee are:

  • Prioritize and Develop Model Policies for use by jurisdictions in support of mutually agreed upon food system goals. 

  • Engage and Educate policy makers as well as individual communities on food system issues and recommended best policy practices that address them holistically. 

  • Evaluate and Monitor recommended policy impacts across Florida's web of municipalities to connect local efforts with state-wide, national, and international efforts that cohesively strengthen Florida's local and regional food systems. 

MEMBERSHIP // contact: rick hawkins, rick.h@flfpc.org

The Membership Committee creates and implements recruitment and retention programs to increase and maintain membership or broad community engagement. The Committee seeks to actively recruit new members and promote membership involvement and participation in FLFPC. This Committee seeks to retain current members, determine reasons to renew/not renew, and assesses membership needs through instruments such as surveys and questionnaires and communicate these needs to the Board. 

The Duties & Responsibilities of the Membership Committee include:

  • Attend the majority of committee meetings or conference calls.

  • Provide input and suggestions to expand or improve services and add value to membership.

  • Provide input and suggestions on how to increase membership to further support FLFPC initiatives.

  • Follow up with any potential members you contact to address questions, provide additional information, and help facilitate their joining the FLFPC.

  • Annual meetings or conferences for members may be overseen by the Membership Committee or one of its subcommittees. 

general inquiries & administration // contact: kyndra love, info@flfpc.org
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